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Comprehensive, cutting-edge, yoga-based  conditioning programs designed specifically for the unique

bio-mechanical needs of the professional baseball athlete.

Fusing baseball biomechanics with advanced body and mindset conditioning to drive improved performance.

Increased flexibility, stability, balance, and focus with critical modifications

to ensure success and safety for all players at all levels of conditioning.



  • ​​Training in all three planes of motion- sagittal, frontal and transverse - increases flexibilitywhile simultaneously reducing risk of injury.

  • Comprehensive sequencing achieves greater mobility through dynamic movement.


  • Standing power poses help add strength and acceleration in the legs.

  • Chain-reaction biomechanics address relationships between foot function and hip mobility; hip mobility and thoracic rotation; and thoracic mobility and shoulder stabilization.

  • Breathing strategies support proper diaphragmatic positioning, stabilization and control.


  • ​Efficient kinematic sequencing accesses ground reaction forces through foot function and lower body conditioning.

  • Enhanced mental focus through proper breath and balancing poses in all three planes of motion.


  • Leverage intentional breathing as the “reset” button for immediate focus of the mind.

  • Cultivate ability to turn the mind inward for short bursts of keen, sharp focus.

  • Understand the Parasympathetic Nervous System and how to manage energy.


  • Critical adaptations and hands-on modifications for players at all levels of flexibility and fitness performance to ensure success and safety for all players.