Q:  How has yoga and specifically Roberts' YFB been received by MLB players and coaches? 

A: Katherine has been training MLB teams for 14 years and the response continues to be very favorable. MLB coaches often participate in the classes and their feedback has also been extremely positive.

Q: What is the recommended amount of YFB training for the full team?

A: Depending on the time of year, it can vary. In Spring Training, when preparing for the rigors of the coming season, 1-7x per week at 25 - 60 minutes in length is typically recommended.

Q: How accommodating can Katherine and her team be, working with our busy training schedule?

A: We will work around your schedule and can start YFB classes as early as 6:00 am. We understand the importance of starting and finishing class EXACTLY on time, particularly during the very busy Spring Training schedule.

Q:  How accommodating and accessible are the Roberts' YFB Instructors to modify training on a daily or weekly basis?

A:  Roberts' YFB Instructors communicate ongoing with the coaching staff and can easily modify classes, even on a daily basis.