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Fusing baseball biomechanics with advanced body and mindset conditioning to drive improved performance.

Increased flexibility, stability, balance, and focus with critical modifications

to ensure success and safety for all players at all levels of conditioning.

Comprehensive, cutting-edge, yoga-based  conditioning programs designed specifically for the unique

bio-mechanical needs of the professional baseball athlete.


Roberts' Yoga for Baseball™ (YFB) is a proprietary, cutting-edge yoga methodology that fuses baseball biomechanics such as hitting, throwing, running and sliding with advanced body and mindset conditioning to further improve player performance while simultaneously helping to
prevent injury.

​Roberts' YFB leverage a fully-integrated approach to yoga-based fitness conditioning, including:

  • Progressive, Triplanar, Rotational Yoga.

  • Integration of Joint, Muscle and Diaphragmatic Stability for Efficient, Eccentric Loading.

  • Mindset Conditioning through Proper Breathing and Nervous System Control. 

  • Efficient Kinematic Sequence - Gravity, Ground Reaction Forces and Foot Function.

  • Targeted Programs for Mobility, Stability, Balance and Energy.

  • Adaptations for Injured Athletes Ensuring Success and Safety for All Players.

  • ​Gray Institute-Based Player Assessments.